From our Listeners

We had an email from a listener questioning the gift of a blanket a Sacred White Buffalo blanket to the Dali Lama. And whether the blanket would be in good hands. There was also a link to some material about the Dali Lama

We chose to answer these questions/concerns as supporters of the White Buffalo. Rain read our response in its entirety on Medicine Walk follows:

The White Buffalo herald a time of peace between nations and peoples. In fact, each represents a different belief system that has become obsolete. This is something very apparent to the caretaker and protector of the White Buffalo herd.

To surpass these outmoded systems do you really ostracize them, leave them out of the picture or do you include them so that they have the opportunity to experience and go beyond their present beliefs? We choose inclusion. It is more powerful.

Further, are we really going to spend our time investigating whether others are ‘worthy’? If we do, there is more than ample information to follow and we get lost in the game. Instead let us take that thought as food/fuel for our own self examination and find where within us it resides, so that we no longer are playing. For we are the Wayshowers. It is for us to forge the path.

The gift of the blanket, as is Belvaspata, is an opportunity. We cannot know what this experience will touch off within the lives of those to whom we gift a blanket or do a Belvaspata session.

The Divine Design of the Infinite is unknowable in its unfolding. It is easy for thinking mind to get in the way with its objections and other forms of control. Medicine Walk really is about following what is before us mindlessly.

The White Buffalo were contacted that a person was going to see the Dali Lama and wanted to personally present him with an ambassador blanket. There are many followers of the Dali Lama who would contribute to this gift just as the Christmas Retreat at Almine’s in 2010 each contributed to gift Almine a White Buffalo blanket as our class Christmas gift.

Some of us contributed to the gifting to support the sacred White Buffalo for this is a blanket is a more costly one ($5000) and that is a significant step toward what is needed to feed the herd through the winter.

This may not resonate with you to do. You may have something else that you are called to do for the White Buffalo, such as purchasing a blanket ($450) for yourself, making a donation or writing a song for them. Or not. If this resonates with you do it, if not, don’t. This is not a duty or a demand, it is an opportunity.We have chosen this for us as a proxy for the cosmos.

As Liaison to the Indigenous Peoples for Belvaspata and supporters of the sacred White Buffalo, I will present things to you from time to time for you to make such choices, if you indicate you want to hear about them directly, read one of my posts or through our radio show, Medicine Walk.

It has been interesting to me, since I became Liaison how the path before me would unfold. For I have no agenda which I create, no business plan to present to people. I am not an evangelist Belvaspata or anything. I am a Bridge between peoples, cultures and creation, a Liaison. What I have is the Call of my heart…there is a show on Medicine Walk called The Call.

This is how I carry myself. If something presents itself that resonates with my heart personally, I follow it, if not I don’t. And every action I take carries the understanding, the perception and insight that I have. As events have unfolded I have come into others lives, homes and ceremonies, it is my way to respect first of all their ways without reservations nor criticism. I can pray in any tongue or way. It is all the Infinite to me. I would not think of sitting at another’s table with disdain.

Through experiences opportunities can and have risen to offer the work that I do. Cynthia Hart-Button, caretaker and protector of the sacred White Buffalo, her husband, Charles and Pat, a close supporter of the White Buffalo all have been initiated into Belvaspata (Cyn and Charles to Level One and Two, Pat is Grand Master). I was made Ambassador to the White Buffalo with Annique and I actually consider our center, The Center of Enlightenment to be an ambassadorship. Our work as Liaison is fully supported by the Sacred World Peace Alliance, which is the organization set up for the White Buffalo (and more).

We appreciate you bringing these issues to the table. We know that many have such thoughts but don’t speak them. It is powerful to be the catalyst to bring them to light for everyone by voicing them. So that we can unravel what we need to as we walk forth on the cutting edge as the embodiments of these spiritual principles. The way we walk is the medicine we bring. It is the song we sing as instruments of the Infinite. When a chord is struck we will feel if it is ours to respond to or to be silent. It is all part of the Divine Symphony.

Blessings All Ways

Rain, Annique and Galan

Response to our email from our listener:

I prefer to buy the buffalo it self …….how much for a calf ? for example do they ask ?

Our response:

None of the Sacred White Buffalo are for sale. The Sacred World Peace Alliance has a sanctuary for the care and protection of the herd. Visit their website to find out more about what they are doing and how you can support this wonderful work.


2 Responses to From our Listeners

  1. Barbara R says:

    Hi Rain, Annique and Galan,

    Congratulations on your new site!

    You’ve written so many wonderful things. I didn’t realize that the buffalo represent different belief systems that are obsolete. I can see that much power and energy is released in letting those go.

    The part about inclusion – so beautifully empowering for everyone.

    The gifts, of the blanket and Belvaspata – exquisite.

    I feel like we are all bridges – the direction of through – what a perfection image of Shamanism.

    And The Call of the heart – I resonate with that soooo much. It’s the call of our own heart. We don’t need to look to another – such serenity that understanding brings when truly lived.

    My gratitude to you.

    Blessings All Ways,

  2. Dhani says:

    What a beautiful website. I am so moved by the images and sigils of the white buffalo. Their pristine innocence brings tears, of a long forgotten beauty and eternal essence, very near Source.

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