Medicine Walk Episodes 2012 


Allowance-The Inner Child
Beloved Festival
Be The Solution
Bee the Change, The Pollen Man
Beyond Expectations
Beyond the Matrix
Birth and the Power of Your Words
Body, Mind and Spirit Combined
Breaking the Bans to Freedom, Jess Lee
Catapult From Your Core 
Ceremony-Rain Sings
Coming Into Resonance, Beloved Festival
Game of Life

Grandmother’s Lodge

  • Robin Youngblood, Whitewolf Clan Mother 6/3/12
  • Tonya Whitedeer, Bear Clan Mother 5/20/12    7/22/12

Inner Child, Allowance
Inspired Perspective


  • Cynthia Hart-Button, caretaker and protector Sacred White Buffalo 6/24/12     10/31/12    12/12/12  12/30/12
  • Harriet McMahon, Shaman in the Peruvian Tradition  2/3/13
  • Jess Lee, Canadian singer, songwriter 9/16/12
  • Kari Noren Hoshal, Evolutionary Astrologer  2/3/13
  • Linda Tucker, caretaker and protector White Lions 12/12/12
  • Maurice Fernandez, Evolutionary Astrologer 12/12/12
  • Robin Youngblood, Clan Mother Whitewolf clan, Grandmother’s Lodge  6/3/12
  • The Pollen Man, Bee the Change   7/29/12
  • Tonya Whitedeer, Clan Mother Bear Clan, Grandmother’s Lodge 5/30/12   7/22/12

Jess Lee-Breaking the Bans to Freedom
Keep the Change
Mystical Journey– Sedona Special
New Era
Noel Philae Spirit
Pay It Forward with Anthony Carl Jurak
Perception Matters
Pollen Man, Bee the Change
Rain Sings, Ceremony
Releasing the Need for a Life Story
Rights of Passage
Rules of Engagement
Sedona SpecialMystical Journey 12/12/12
Seeds of Hope
Surprise ShowBeloved Festival
The Game of Life
The Inspired Perspective
The New Era
The New Rules of Engagement
The Power of Your Words
The Tools of Oneness
Tsunami of Change
Twin Flame
What’s In Your Bucket?
What’s Your Imprint?

White Buffalo



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