Sacred White Buffalo – Fulfillment of Prophecies

Rain with White Buffalo WomanThe traditions of the Lakota, Cheyenne, and other Plains Nations speak about a holy feminine archetype: centuries ago, White Buffalo Calf Woman came to present precious cultural and spiritual gifts, promising to return at the end of an era during a great time of planetary transformation. Many Native Americans of various Nations believe the prophecy was fulfilled when, in August 1994, a white buffalo calf, a female named Miracle, was born on a farm in the Midwest. Against astronomical odds, a second and then a third white buffalo calf was later born on the same farm. Miracle changed color four times, signifying to those knowledgeable about Lakota prophecy the unity of the races and the coming together of humanity into oneness of heart, mind, and spirit.

Presently in Bend Oregon, at the sanctuary of the Sacred World Peace Alliance, there is a herd of 15 White Buffalo.

By special agreement, Pendleton is making limited edition of Sacred White Buffalo blankets using hair shed from the White Buffalo. The care and feeding of this special herd of rare animals is a precious task which you can participate in.  The blankets sell for $425 and $5000. There are about 10 ambassador blankets ($5000) made a year which contain all the names of the herd on them.

The 14th Dali Lama is being gifted an ambassador blanket named for the buffalo “Be Happy Spirit” through the contributions of 100 people of $50 each. It is presently on its way to India to be presented to him. We felt this was an appropriate blanket to give to the Dalai Lama because of his naturally happy temperament, which brings joy to so many worldwide. This money will also go toward raising the final sum of $9,000 needed to pay for the second half of the 2012 stock of White Buffalo blankets. The sale of these blankets will feed and house the Oregon herd of fifteen White Buffalo through the Summer of 2013.

Cynthia Hart-Button, caretaker and protector of the Sacred White Buffalo will be in Sedona December