New Year’s Eve Retreat into the Silence

Silent Night,  Holy Night

Sunset at Koumbi

Join us for something different- A  Silence New Year Celebration as we share our intention for personal and global healing and peace between peoples and nations at the KoumbiRetreatCenter in Hillsboro.

We will be offering:

  • Soft music playing from Night of the Angels, global healing broadcast from Almine in the background.
  • Areas with headsets for you to experience a guided meditation if you desire.
  • Paper and pens for questions to be held til later unless urgent so that we can maintain our silence, journaling and artistic/poetic expression.

Optional Celtic Christmas Ceremonies

During the retreat there will be two Ceremonies lead by Rain on the Earth marking the beginning of the ancient Celtic Christmas Celebration: before midnight the ancient Ceremony of First Light or Crying out in the Darkness  after midnight the First Candle of the ancient Celtic Christmas will be lit – The Partridge in a Pear Tree.  Teachings about these Ceremonies will be presented at these times and will go deeper because of the silence we are holding each and together.

$20 donation is suggested for the evening
RSVP so that we can manage parking and other considerations for the event

503-710-8844or 503-713-3170
via email or

Where: Koumbi Retreat Center in Hillsboro

When:  9 pm December 31st to 1 am January 1st

Cell phones silenced while at event  No internet access will be available.

Pot Luck of Light Refreshments – not required or

BYO no alcohol please

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