Medicine Walk Cosmic News 12-1-2013

Cosmic Blasts of the Moment

News of NOW to you through  Medicine Walk


This month’s synopsis of our week’s Radio Shows, giving you a full month’s programming with the full scope of our shows. You can now see the alchemy of how our shows work together touching all aspects of your life to bring you through these incredible cosmic changes in Wholeness.

Hosts: Annique and Galan of Gaia with Rain on the Earth

Annique, Rain, Galan

Practical alchemy- Medicine Walk –Sundays and Thursdays at 10:00am PST. Quantum mysticism, cutting edge metaphysics, shamanism and today’s cosmic news.

Hosts: Annique and Galan of Gaia

Health and wellness The Fountain of Youth  Tuesdays at 1:00 pm PST.  Annique and Galan share the secrets of eternal life.

Annique and GalanPartnership and Love – Partners of Destiny Wednesday evening  9 pm PST  Find your true love, the partner of destiny that you have spent your whole life seeking. Ascended Masters Galan and Annique of Gaia share with you their experiences and the tools you need to find true love.

Finances and abundance –  Financial Freedom – Fridays at new time 1:30 pm PST– Financial freedom for everyone willing to invest in self.  Annique and Galan share tools and Resources for an abundant existence.

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This month’s Radio Shows

Sundays 10 am PST – Medicine Walk 

12/1/- Giving and Forgiving – Live and fiery hot from the cosmos our hosts take you on a beautiful journey.

Relationships and self, how is it keeping you from growing and loving freely? Imagery and memory create realities within mind, factual or not they are real to you… how you perceive a moment can change the past which changes the future and the present. Receive so many tools in today’s program from our Gods of Source.

11/24/- Tool shed and Junk drawer – Through an adventuresome journey, a discovery is revealed. This discovery, which is what drives all that is from a place deep within the core of existence, has opened the door of …….and further revealing…. listen in and find out by participating in the eternal moment.

11/17/- Flip Flop Pole Shift – Cellular changes mimic cosmic life,or does cosmic life

Cob House

Cob House- once of the most prevalent forms of building on the planet- simply sustainable living

mimic cellular change? Can it be? Do we create our sun, our moon, our stars, our life experiences from within? If so, how do we do it benevolently? Our cosmic trio sets the records straight. A new perspective of your role on Earth.

11/10/- Ego Maniacs –  This week’s message from the cosmos, Symbiotic Sovereignty. This show is blossoming live as wes share this moment as duality is left behind as a game that is outdated. Rolling black outs, Agenda 21, super typhoons, Annonymous, what is the real meaning of all this change ? The cosmic trilogy take you beyond perception and ego into the unknown! With the surrendered attitude of gratitude one can walk in symbiotic sovereignty.

11/3/- Instinctual Mind – In today’s show our hosts delve into the dynamics of instinctual mind, fear and being the catalyst for change.

When emotions are experienced outside of self, the being is in fear. The dysfunctional masculine goes into bully mode. What is the fulcrum of change and how you activate it in our life.

Join us for this exciting show

Tuesdays 1 pm PST -Fountain of Youth

11/26/ – Angels for Health – As we discover the new cells of existence we find  that they are self regenerating, this changes all previous knowledge of mortality.

Whole Tree Architecture

Whole Tree Architecture- gives living in the trees a whole new meaning

11/19/ – Death ParadeWhich will you choose? The parade of death that is constantly Whole Tree Architecture- gives living in the trees a new meaningon the news and in the marketplace or… Join us as we discover the new cells of existence we find  that they are self regenerating, this changes all previous knowledge of mortality.

11/12/ – GMO Pet Food – The definition of Genetically modified food is here  Now think about this: is it ok to modify the DNA of everything that eats these solient green kibbles? because this is the result of such acts of corporate man. How will you change your DNA and your pets’ by your choices? Will it be hybridized machines or evolved DNA as we discover the new cells of existence  and we find  that they are self regenerating which changes all previous knowledge of mortatlity. Which will you choose ?

11/5/ – Anonymous Day – The Fountain of Youth lies within you. And what has awakened in humanity today ? United we stand – Against GMO food, invasion of privacy, the giant prison of America, corn and sugarized fed hybridized society,premeditated addiction to corn syrup. Wow what a show!

Wednesdays 9 pm PST – Partners of Destiny

Hobbit Houses for the Real World

Hobbit Houses for the Real World

11/27/- Giving not Thanksgiving – Holiday blessings for a loving interaction with relationships.

A special holiday blessing in the form of Angel Gods that will assist you in the release and surrender so you can enjoy this time of giving. Thanks.

11/20/ – Partners of Destiny – A beautiful heartfelt show on true love.

Join our hosts Galan and Annique as they share their journey of through in love.

11/13/ – Discernment – Discernment  is ….find out in tonights very loving and esoteric show beyond the constrictions of judgement. Love and enjoyment now with passion.

11/6/ – Partners of Destiny – Join our hosts Galan and Annique as they share their journey of through in love.

Thursdays 10 am PST – Moments on Medicine Walk 

Inside the Hobbit House

Inside the Hobbit House

11/28/- Response Ability Are you responsible or able to respond as needed. To be respons-able what does it mean now?

11/21/- Living in your Gaia body – This week is about our new evolving body. This show is the catalyst for the Gaia Body Mastery Series workshops available now. Email: anniqueof

11/14/- Paying it Forward – Anthony Carl Jurak is our featured guest.  Anthony is carrying on the legacy passed down from his father Carl, who developed a one-of-a-kind whole body herbal formula (Jurak Classic Whole Body Tonic) that has been relieving people of every imaginable health challenge since 1943.

An important part of what Anthony will talk about is how his father Carl developed this formula including how it was sold as KM for a number of years.

11/7/- Noel Philae Spirit – Excitement abounds as we welcome the birth of the first buffalo of the New Era, Noel Spirit born on Christmas Day at 11:11.Cynthia Hart-Button and Kari Noren-Hoshal share experiences that led to the alliance.

Insights, understandings and Tools of Wholeness abound as we share ways to clear karmic debris before you and create a path of no karma.

Fridays 1:30 pm PST – Financial Freedom

Home with a earth friendly view

View from a $4500 home

11/29/- Black Friday?Are you saving or giving away your resources? Financial Freedom is yours Now! Freedom comes from governing self. Choose where you give your power away.

11/22/- Free Financial Tools – Annique and Galan discuss the tools of abundance that will change your financial portfolio. Tool after tool of how to go beyond your greatest desires is given in this packed show.

11/15/- What is your Number? – I’ll buy you ….what’s your buy out number? Economic quantitative easing; ponzi blowout blue light special for the UK; Constitution sold to Corporate sponsorship; what’s left for you? What are you worth? Do you know? Showering you with tools our hosts Galan and Annique transcend millions.

11/8/- Tools for Abundant Living – Financial Freedom is yours Now! Especially today….as our hosts Galan and Annique of Gaia mystify your beliefs with real live moments of abundance; Super typhoon gets to the heart of your value systems;  Corporate sponsored USA is the macro of Gitmo the micro; Force fed prisoners of addictions and stimuli.

Upcoming Events and Classes

The Gaia Body Mastery Series -Living in Your Gaia Body   Weekly class starting June 6th. Keys to living in your Gaia Body through the powerful changes we are experiencing on every level.  You can join this on going class at any time. Participation is available in person in the Portland area. Via skype and mp3 globally.  $144/month. Annique

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