Medicine Walk Cosmic News – 11-1-2013

Cosmic Blasts of the Moment

News of NOW to you through  Medicine Walk


This month’s synopsis of our week’s Radio Shows, giving you a full month’s programming with the full scope of our shows. You can now see the alchemy of how our shows work together touching all aspects of your life to bring you through these incredible cosmic changes in Wholeness.

Annique, Rain, Galan

Annique, Rain, Galan

Practical alchemy- Medicine Walk –Sundays and Thursdays at 10:00am PST. Quantum mysticism, cutting edge metaphysics, shamanism and today’s cosmic news.

Health and wellness The Fountain of Youth  Tuesdays at 1:00 pm PST.  Annique and Galan share the secrets of eternal life.

Annique and GalanPartnership and Love – Partners of Destiny Wednesday evening  9 pm PST  Find your true love, the partner of destiny that you have spent your whole life seeking. Ascended Masters Galan and Annique of Gaia share with you their experiences and the tools you need to find true love.

Finances and abundance –  Financial Freedom – Fridays at new time 1:30 pm PST– Financial freedom for everyone willing to invest in self.  Annique and Galan share tools and Resources for an abundant existence.

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This month’s Radio Shows

Sundays 10 am PST – Medicine Walk 

10/27/- Prophecy of Peace – Rain checks in from her Medicine Walk at the White

Making a Water Distiller that uses no electricity

Making a Water Distiller that uses no electricity

Buffalo Sanctuary. Galan and Annique take you beyond the constrictions of mind and ego to a new understanding of your perfection. An inspirational journey of wholeness through released potential from within the self.

10/20/- Levels of Sacred WorldsGet Ready to be mystified by the alignments of worlds in this moment.

In a floury of sharing our cosmic trilogy explode with tools and gifts for you, our beloved light family. Come join the Shire! Lots of cosmic announcements and music on this fullfilling show.

10/13/- Metaphysics of Government Shutdown – Government shut down; Conspiracies; world climate; inner and outer life; the 4 judgments to walk through now; White Buffalo great news! …and so much more on this  inspirational journey of wholeness through released potential from within  the self.

10/6/- Certainty – Medicine Walk’s Journey into wholeness takes a leap of joy.You did it with certainty!

An exciting week brings in an exciting show with all the cosmic changes that are affecting us all, our visionary hosts thank you for your brave participation as they share the magic from Talawanda’s words in the book ‘Enlightenment part 0 ‘ by D Alan Holmes, that certainty is the key and it lies within.

Tuesdays 1 pm PST -Fountain of Youth

Making your own Aloe Vera gel

Making your own Aloe Vera gel

10/29/ – Halloween candy vs. Samhain celebrationHow to have a non-GMO Halloween is discussed by our panel of masters today. How your every thought affects your DNA and life itself; are you busy living or dying?

Referenced info:  and

10/22/ – Now is the Thyme for JC TonicAnthony Carl Jurak, of Jurak Worldwide, is our special guest as we delve into the uses for JC Whole Body Tonic for emergencies to assist the body in these times of stress in other assistance which may be needed is not yet available.

Thyme is the first ingredient in this herbal alchemy.

10/15/ – Wheat – The grief of wheat; wheat is  the root of all evil on the planet;New modern Wheat vs. ancient grain wheat; What the experts won’t tell you;modern wheat is deadly to the human body; What the world doesn’t know about wheat; How is it that we let this poisoning happen?

10/8/ –  PAIN Pay Attention IN – Stand in your beingness beloved light family for you

How to heal cavities

How to heal cavities

are the medicine of the moment. With certainty we are able to make anything possible; life beyond  limitations of mind. Learn how now;be the change you wish to experience. Yes you can overcome anything especially dis-ease.

10/1/ – Aspartame – The deadly truth about Aspartame;  your addiction to sweetness is a lack of sweetness in your attitude towards self; how to awaken the eternal incorruptible matter in your cells;eagle vision of life itself and how stories hold us in disease,water is the Infinite Mother, and more? is it even possible? Listen in and get the latest in cosmic information affecting you.

Wednesdays 9 pm PST – Partners of Destiny

Vertical Gardens from recycled bottle

Vertical Gardens from recycled bottles

10/30/- The Journey of LoveJoin our hosts Galan and Annique as they share their journey of through in love.

10/23/- True Love A beautiful heartfelt show on true love.

10/16/ – Simple Trust – How do you please the true Goddess? Simple trust  is the key to walking through this week let be in a way that  inspires simple trust. A beautiful heartfelt show on true love. 

10/9/ – Love’s Reality – A beautiful heartfelt show on true love from beyond your imagination. What?! quantum physics of love beyond perception and form? Is this possible? Oh yes. Join our hosts Galan and Annique as they share their journey of through in love.

10/2/ – The Magician, Illusion –From the beautifully written love story Enlightenment part 0  by D. Alan Holmes, Annique shares her experience after reading this amazing book. Our hosts share their experience of love form beyond form,beyond human constrictions beyond illusion.A beautiful heartfelt show on true love.

Thursdays 10 am PST – Moments on Medicine Walk 

10/31/-  What’s Your Imprint?Awareness breeds appreciation.

Prolific Urban Gardening

Prolific Urban Gardening

10/24/- Twin Flames –  We learn about them on our journey to Sedona.

10/17/- From Sedona the End of Time In today’s show we interview the guardian of the White Lions, Linda Tucker from South Africa and the world renowned Astrologist Maurice Fernandez.

10/10/- Walk Be the Solution – A special show for you in this moment. Each week;s show is a workshop of knowledge. 2012 Archives of the integration of  Soul.

10/3/- The New Era – Are you ready for the New Era of existence?  A visit into your future.

Fridays 2 pm PST – Financial Freedom

10/25/- Greatest Manifestation tool on the planet – With x flares, government shutdown, world weather extremes, Sea serpents, and islands showing up in this moment what can you do to be abundant in change? Here it is the answer you are seeking.

10/18/- Ecstatic change that lies before us Can you feel ecstatic change in the air? Fear not the the big corporate, or governments, or bullies, as they loose the farm in this moment.  The time of sharing your abundance has never been stronger; preparedness vs. hoarding ; a time of release of ownership and a moment of owning oneself.

The dollar what is it’s true  value?  What is in store for you? Ecstatic moment of anticipation of great abundance-Listen in and get the latest in cosmic abundance just waiting for you to receive.

10/11/-  Beyond EconomicsWe take Quantum physics and Spirituality to the core of your finances. We challenge your beliefs and awaken the Free thinker within. Join us weekly with a new topic that affects your life, your health, your wealth, your world

10/4/- Adventuresome Spirit – Financial Freedom is yours Now! Can you go beyond your fear and become the adventuresome spirit? How much do you allow yourself to create? or receive from self? What are limitations created by?

Upcoming Events and Classes

The Gaia Body Mastery Series -Living in Your Gaia Body   Weekly class starting June 6th. Keys to living in your Gaia Body through the powerful changes we are experiencing on every level.  You can join this on going class at any time. Participation is available in person in the Portland area. Via skype and mp3 globally.  $144/month. Annique

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