Medicine Walk Cosmic News-10-1-2013

Cosmic Blasts of the Moment

News of NOW to you through  Medicine Walk


This month’s synopsis of our week’s Radio Shows, giving you a full month’s programming with the full scope of our shows. You can now see the alchemy of how our shows work together touching all aspects of your life to bring you through these incredible cosmic changes in Wholeness.

Practical alchemy- Medicine Walk –Sundays and Thursdays at 10:00 am PST.

Quantum mysticism, cutting edge metaphysics, shamanism and today’s cosmic news.

Health and wellness The Fountain of Youth Tuesdays at 1:00 pm PST.  Live call in show! Call in live number 714-409-0583 We share the secrets of eternal life.

Partnership and Love – Partners of Destiny Wednesday evening  9 pm PST  Find your true love, the partner of destiny that you have spent your whole life seeking. Ascended Masters Galan and Annique of Gaia share with you their experiences and the tools you need to find true love.

Finances and abundance –  Financial Freedom – Fridays at 2:00 pm PST- Financial freedom for everyone willing to invest in self. Tools and Resources for an abundant existence.

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Our images represent permaculture information that you can put into practice. You can follow this thread that also flows through all our programming by clicking on the image links to expand this information.  This month’s images show you Koumbi Retreat Center where there is a special opportunity to join us to live, learn and work together.

This month’s Radio Shows

Sundays 10 am PST – Medicine Walk 

Earth Dwelling in a forest

Earth Dwelling in a forest

9/29/- Anger!– The wave of change has hit. How are you dealing with it? Anger is a tool that is now obsolete, replaced by inspiration. 

WOW talk about tools for the moment. Have you been feeling this wave of change? How to best move through with ease and then turn it into something special and inspirational. This show is a must listen now. Regain your power and make a difference. Yes you can! 

9/22/- Return of wild woman – A very special show in the unknowable moment. As we feel the changes of existence our hosts bring yet another bag of tools for you to experience a new world, in the eternal moment. Toltec, Lemurian  and the Grandmother’s teachings are discussed and shared; the return to Eden path is revealed; Shared revelations of the Masters worldwide.An inspirational journey of wholeness through released potential from within  the self.

9/15/- The Power of Perspectives – Any form of deceptive control is counter productive to the real’ Beyond structure, dogma and control we offer an opportunity of more perspective. Our panel really hit some new notes live on the show as we express our resonance. The big question ! As we bring all parts of self physicality-spirit-soul into the whole what is the new alchemical equation of self? 1+1+1 =4 as we enter the next dimension of existence.

9/8/- Are you willing to taste this?– WOW ! What a show today as our hosts show you the ocean of real as a new way of life emerges; the ninth direction of through a view of the wholeness of existence in this moment; the multi-dimensions of life now;are you willing to taste something new or anew?

9/1/- Belvaspata-Healing of the Heart– In today’s show our hosts discuss the healing modality sweeping the world called ‘Belvaspata, Healing of the Heart’.  Grand Masters in Belvaspata, our hosts share the essence of this important modality for this moment.

Tuesdays 1 pm PST -Fountain of Youth

9/24/ WATER a living beingOMG what a concept! Water is a living being. You have

Morning Abundance on Koumbi

Morning Abundance on Koumbi

the power to be your own wizard and heal in this moment; learn the present tense that heals; and the alchemy that eradicates cancer.

9/17/ Time is the drug that kills Time is the most addictive drug to humanity. Our hosts discuss life beyond the constraints of time; Timelessness as the access to …. find out on this fun and alchemically healing show.

9/10/ –The list of awareness-GMO laced foods –

9/3/ –The truth about your food  GMO MONSANTO ? Who are they; what does this mean to me and my family? Secret gardens for the elite? not the populous. United States land of modified foods banned in more than 30 other countries.

Wednesdays 9 pm PST – Partners of Destiny

More Abundance at Koumbi

More Abundance at Koumbi

9/25/- lovers vs. relationshipBecause of societal beliefs is it easier to have a lover than to be in a relationship? It’s because of compromise. Lover = action of being loved, are you able to be loved? intimately? trustfully? with gratitude and joy? physically or not. 

9/18/ Truth of Goddess – From a simple shared story our hosts show you how to enhance your world and avoid cataclysms.

9/11/ –Like water on a ducks back Do you thrive on drama? or are you able to see through?  A beautiful heartfelt show on true love.

9/4/ –Passion and virility– Testosterone-  how activities affect your manliness. Chop wood carry water, back to the basics; how finding self looks now in this moment. The secret to endless enjoyment of each other all this and more on this explosive show.

Thursdays 10 am PST – Moments on Medicine Walk 

9/26/-  Perception matters  What one perceives is of great importance as it releases

Beautiful Koumbi

Beautiful Koumbi

potential. A special show for you in this moment.

9/19/-  Whats in your bucket?– Learn how to empty your bucket and fill your cup of life.

9/12/- Catapult from your Core! Leveraging from your core to live a life beyond your dreams.

9/5/- White Buffalo moments  In this episode of Medicine walk our hosts share moments with the White Buffalo and our holiday fun.

Fridays 2 pm PST – Financial Freedom

9/27/- US net value–  How abundant do you feel? Is this measured by the amount of

Refrigerate without Electricity

Refrigerate without Electricity

money you have in your bank account? Or is it the properties that you own? How much of this is your ego and how much do you still owe of self ? What is true net value? Our Hosts discuss these and many more current topics that affect your life.

9/20/- Financial Freedom Financial Freedom is yours Now! Do you know what this is? What does it look and feel like? How do  you get there from here? Listen in and get the latest in cosmic abundance just waiting for you to receive.

9/13/- The unvaluable parts of your true wealth– Our Ascended Masters take Quantum physics and Spirituality to the core of your finances. Learn how to take part in being a participant of this existence and live a life of abundance.

9/6/- Challenging Your Belief Systems– We take Quantum physics,current worldwide changes and Spirituality to the core of your finances, challenging your beliefs and awaken the Free thinker within.

Upcoming Events and Classes

The Gaia Body Mastery Series -Living in Your Gaia Body   Weekly class starting June 6th. Keys to living in your Gaia Body through the powerful changes we are experiencing on every level.  You can join this on going class at any time. Participation is available in person in the Portland area. Via skype and mp3 globally.  $144/month. Annique

Organic Housing Offered in Sustainable community Housing available now on 40 acres in Hillsboro, Oregon. Organic Farm vineyard forming an intentional community based on sovereignty and sustainability. Learn permaculture, aquaponics,wild crafting, cobb and stone building, holistic living. This is a very sacred and healing land. It offers endless possibilities to the ones willing. Financial and time commitment is a the deal $750-1000 (depending on household size) cash and daily involvement in the farm. 1st and last terms available. We consider all offers.Symbiosis is a way of life. Must be of open heart and quiet mind, responsible (ability-to-respond),a grateful being of consciousness. couples,offspring and 4 leggeds considered,  Galan

Annique, Rain, Galan

Medicine Walk Radio  



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