Medicine Walk Cosmic News 8-1-2013

Cosmic Blasts of the Moment

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This month’s synopsis of our week’s Radio Shows, giving you a full month’s programming with the full scope of our shows. You can now see the alchemy of how our shows work together touching all aspects of your life to bring you through these incredible cosmic changes in Wholeness.

Practical alchemy- Medicine Walk –Sundays and Thursdays at 10:00 am PST.

Annique, Rain, Galan

Annique, Rain, Galan

Quantum mysticism, cutting edge metaphysics, shamanism and today’s cosmic news

Health and wellness The Fountain of Youth Tuesdays at 1:00 pm PST.  Live call in show!  Call in live number 714-409-0583 We share the secrets of eternal life

NEW SHOW! Partners of Destiny Wednesday evening  9 pm PST  Find your true love, the partner of destiny that you have spent your whole life seeking. Ascended Masters Galan and Annique of Gaia share with you their experiences and the tools you need to find true love.

Finances and abundance –  Financial Freedom – Fridays at 2:00 pm PST- Financial freedom for everyone willing to invest in self. Tools and Resources for an abundant existence.

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Get a daily dose of life beyond duality. We are coming out and sharing this moment’s insights with you daily from beyond duality in wholeness. If this moment’s insights resonates with you please share it with others.  Like us and share at

This month’s Radio Shows

Special Broadcast

7/3/- White Buffalo, Billionaires and Wall Street What are billionaires doing with their money? Are they really going Green? According to Bloomberg, billionaires are going bison in a really big way. Medicine Walk radio host, Rain on the Earth is joined by special guests, Cynthia Hart, President of the SWPA, home of the White Buffalo and Melanie Sweet, independent Financial Services Professional as we take an in-depth look at this billionaire bison venture.

Sundays 10 am PST – Medicine Walk 

7/28/- Festival Life-Through

7/21/-Bear Bundles– Annique and Galan are on their journey to the Oregon SOAK, the regional Burning Man event, as Rain is joined by Grandmother Tonya Whitedeer, of the Bear Clan of the Medicine Creek Metis, as we explore the gifts of the Grandmothers and Bear Bundles on this exciting episode of Medicine Walk.

7/14/- Changing World How can you bring peace to your community, to your weather, to your environment? Our panel of hosts share insights & tools with you. How has life changed? The flat disc of life & time has ended. What has evolved is a new multi-faceted life. It is endless possibilities in the moment, similar to a 3D movie. Life is now all aspects at once. What you choose to see is up to you.

7/7/- Live Integration Welcome to Medicine Walk radio Sunday morning Live show! Integrating Spirit world. What it feels and looks like.

Tuesdays 1 pm PST -Fountain of Youth

7/30/ Now is the Thyme for JC Tonic  Anthony Carl Jurak, the Tonic man, joins Rain, Annique and Galan to explore the emergency uses of JC Whole Body tonic and what it can contribute to help the body to help itself during times of duress

7/23/ BiDirectional HerbsRain, Annique and Galan are joined by Anthony Carl Jurak, of Jurak World Wide, to  discuss Dr Mowry’s work on bidirectional herbs. Learn what these important herbs are, what comprises a true tonic and the significant attributes of JC Whole Body Tonic that make is so effective.

7/16/ Blues, Blahs and Grumps – Anthony Carl Jurak, the Tonic man, joins Rain, Annique and Galan as we explore emotional health and well being, -alchemy in action in practical application.

7/9/ Summertime 2  Rain and Galan continue our summertime series delving into the dynamics of responsibility- the ability to respond.

7/2/ Summertime Rain, Annique, Galan with Anthony Carl Jurak, the Tonic man, bring, you tips and tales for the summertime, how to keep your cool on your adventures, and be prepared for all it offers. This segment has some wonderful stories from the world travelers, Annique and Anthony.

 Wednesdays 9 pm PST – Partners in Destiny

7/31/ Laws of Attraction Continuing from last week, changes and the Laws of Attraction

7/24/ Duty or Dooty Attuning to each other and the Laws of Attraction.

7/17/ Emptying the Bucket The couldas, shouldas, wouldas, have tso and all the other variations of sh-t in the bucket of old programming, what it takes to fully empty your buckets so that you can stand in the fullness of the presence of each other.

7/10/ Our Story Tonight you will hear a love story, as our hosts share their intimate journey with you our light family. What is a twin flame? Who is the soul mate? Listen in to get a true understanding. How do we inspire each other again?  For the couples of destiny we have tools for you to enhance your love experience.

 7/6/ True Love Find your true love, the partner of destiny that you have spent your whole life seeking. Ascended Masters Galan and Annique of Gaia share their journey.

 Thursdays 10 am PST – Moments in Medicine Walk

8/1/-  The Tsunami of Change–  We welcome Galan as our new co-host for his second appearance and a poignant one at that! His insights will astound you. Annique sounds a wake up call and Rain drizzles down with her sage tongue of alchemical cures. We invite you to join us on this live show in the infinite moment of full expression. 

7/25/-  Keep the Change – Galan, joins us as our new surprise co host exploring changes- making them and keeping the change!

7/18/- Breaking the Bands to Freedom–  In today’s show, Grand Masters Rain and Annique are joined by Jess Lee sharing his song, “Standing on Sacred Ground”, which has been banned on Canadian radio stations.

Excitement abounds with a studio filled with guests at Koumbi Retreat Center. Annique and Rain completed teaching a 5 day Women’s Intensive Friday evening with a Seed Dance. andFresh from the Men’s Shamanic Retreat with Almine, some of the men arrived at our Center, including Jess Lee, our guest, who shares about his spiritual journey and his music. We discuss the Song of Self & awakening your gifts.

7/11/- Beyond Expections A Journey into wholeness of a life beyond expectations. How amazing can life be when not limited by expectation? Listen in to find out. To allow infinite possibility to permeate your life instead of expectation and disappointment. Walk with Rain and Ascended Master Annique as they take you through and look at a life beyond expectations.

7/4/- Fulfillment of Prophecies The fulfillment of Mayan prophecy comes on the hooves of the birth of a black buffalo and a white buffalo. Cynthia Hart, caretaker and protector of the Sacred White Buffalo herd of Bend, Oregon with Grandmother Tonya Whitedeer, Clan mother of the Bear Clan of the Medicine Creek Metis, join us on Medicine Walk. Learn how the prophecies of other areas of the world including American, South Africa and Egypt are being fulfilled at the buffalo sanctuary of the World Peace Alliance.

Fridays 2 pm PST – Financial Freedom

7/26/- Duty–  Annique and Galan delve into facets of duty and the true resonance of what you are here to do.  How does this affect your health, well being and finances? Tune in to find out.

7/19/- Insurance Where did insurance start from?  Rain chimes in with an answer- while our panel of Rain, Annique and Galan explode with fun and laughter in this full episode of secrets on how to prepare for emergencies.

7/12/- How Rich is your Food? Permaculture and working with earth- How rich are you really? Tapping into your true abundance.

7/5/- Addicted to Consumerism– Rain, Annique and Galan share insights and wisdom for you to loosen the tentacles of addictions to consumism.

Upcoming Events and Classes

Living in Your Gaia Body   Weekly class starting June 6th. Keys to living in your Gaia Body through the powerful changes we are experiencing on every level.  You can join this on going class at any time. Participation is available in person in the Portland area. Via skype and mp3 globally.  $144/month.

Annique, Rain, Galan

Annique, Rain, Galan

September 13-15, 2013 –Special Intensive Retreat at Koumbi Retreat Center- with Rain, Annique and Galan  $540/person. This retreat will fill up quickly! Early registration is highly recommended!

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