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Our Blog has changed to a new current view with a synopsis of our week’s Radio Shows.  This edition has a full month’s programming giving the full scope of our shows. You can now see the alchemy of how our shows work together touching all aspects of your life to bring you through these incredible cosmic changes in Wholeness.

Practical alchemy- Medicine Walk –Sundays and Thursdays at 10:00 am PST.

Annique, Rain, Galan

Annique, Rain, Galan

Quantum mysticism, cutting edge metaphysics, shamanism and today’s cosmic news

Health and wellness The Fountain of Youth Tuesdays at 1:00 pm PST.  Live call in show!  Call in live number 714-409-0583 We share the secrets of eternal life

Finances and abundance –  Financial Freedom – Fridays at 2:00 pm PST- Financial freedom for everyone willing to invest in self. Tools and Resources for an abundant existence.

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Get a daily dose of life beyond duality. We are coming out and sharing this moment’s insights with you daily from beyond duality in wholeness. If this moment’s insights resonates with you please share it with others.  Like us and share at

This month’s Radio Shows

  Sundays 10 am PST – Medicine Walk 

5/16/- New Powers of your Gaia Body Powers of our new Gaia Body, Gaia and our communities are threads woven together by Rain, Annique and Galan while giving you valuable tools, insights, understandings and empowering principles.

5/12/- Mother’s Day Special An exploration of the dynamics of the masculine and feminine-in Celebration of the return of the true, divine feminine.

Poetry courtesy of: Zayra Yves, Poem: The Language of Love Album: Crowned Compassion

Robin Youngblood, clan mother of the White Wolf Clan

Robin Youngblood, clan mother of the White Wolf Clan

5/5/- Robin Youngblood-Trust Our special guest is Robin Youngblood, clan mother of the White Wolf Clan, founder of Church of the Earth, sharing her journey of trust fresh from her adventure of traveling the globe sharing ceremony and workshops.  Finding herself often without the resources ‘needed’ to continue on her path, Robin reveals the tools, insights and understanding that opened the sluices for substantial abundant support.

4/28/- The Language of Body, Soul and Spirit Galan, Annique and Rain speak the languages of body, soul and spirit. Learn the facets of communication between these worlds that create the dynamics for their integration. A rare look at these different worlds into Wholeness.

Tuesdays 1 pm PST -Fountain of Youth 

5/28/ Traveling in your Gaia Body Anthony Carl Jurak, the Tonic man, joins Rain

Gentian Root

Gentian Root

and Galan as we discuss being on the road in your Gaia Body and how to cope with the stresses of the road including fields of great density using the higher function of the stomach. JC Tonic rises to the occasion as great companion on the journey.



5/21/ Emotions and Aging Rain, Annique, and Galan share secrets of rejuvenation. Learn to release the emotions that create aging in the body, that trap you into linearity and death as we reveal much unknown information for you to put into practical application!

5/14/ The God Hormone Pain is a tool of the Spirit world; how has Spirit affected you Chamomilethis week? In today’s show Rain, Annique and Galan take you beyond mind’s reach of understanding; with clear steps they give you tools for you to be an active part of highest self’s rebalancing. Annique opens with the The God Molecule found in the song of self. go to our Facebook  for a copy. Our hosts answer your questions about Almine, the God Hormone, JC Tonic , and high Alchemy. Quite a show of meta-physically applied mysticism. Not for the amateur Mystic.

Here is the link to the Song of Self and how an African tribe sings this Song of Self to conceive, nurture and heal a child

Celery Seed

Celery Seed

5/7/ Candida Part 2 The second show in our series on Candida, a ailment so prevalent in our society that Rain, Annique and Galan with Anthony Carl Jurak, the Tonic man, continue with a show filled to the brim with practical information, insights and understandings to give you,  your family and clients the pathway to freedom from Candida.

4/30/ Candida Part 1 In this show Rain, Annique and Galan with Anthony Carl Jurak, Angelicathe Tonic man, delve into Candida. What is it? How do get Candida?  What factors contribute to it and most importantly what can you do about it?

JC Tonic:

Thursdays 10 am PST – Moments in Medicine Walk

5/28/- Surprise Show of Love This is a surprise show from our archives on the verge of going to the Beloved Festival on the coast of Oregon. Join in this immersion of Love on the path as we travel into the heart of the Beloved community

5/23/- The Game of Life  Delving deep into the formation of our lives Rain and Annique explore how we control the quality of our experiences and expression in the Game of Life- filled with invaluable tools, insights and understanding to bring through the crucial junctures of your life. We introduce the “special codes ” to maneuver your way thru with the essence of gratitude and the magic of you.

5/16/- Bee the Change Where you are in this moment is in perfection as Annique and

Bee the Movement

Bee the Movement
Image courtesy of
Jennifer Maeve Klandt

Rain show you how to utilize the pivot points of your life to Bee the Change by proxy for the entire cosmos!

5/9/- Grandmother’s Lodge Part 2 Rain and Annique welcome Grandmother Tonya Whitedeer and the Grandmothers Lodge. In this inspiring interview Grandmother Whitedeer shares the magic of the Grandmothers teachings with you. A delightful journey into the etheric worlds of self.  Filled with so many gifts from our hosts and guests we know you will enjoy this touching  show.

5/2/- Allowance Part 2 – The Inner Child What role does the Inner Child play in the allowance of abundance in our lives? Join Rain and Annique for part 2 of this powerful series to open the floodgates of supply and substance in your lifestream.  As we continue last week’s fascinating journey into the alchemy of Allowance.  Companion show-Allowance Part I 

Fridays 2 pm PST – Financial Freedom

5/31- Compensation   What are the dynamics how our monetary system works, its impact on what we consider our compensation for our labors and how does that effect our abilities to sustain ourselves in the ‘normal’ channels?  Self substance and community.

Alan Greenspan on the gold standard 1966 

5/24- Values  The creation and recreation of value and value systems is the key thread for financial sovereigncy.

Planting a Living Fence

Planting a Living Fence

5/17- Securities  What is security and what is operating behind the marketplace?  The securities of a sustainable life such as the creation of the Living Fence, a symbotic relationship with nature.

5/10- Four Principles of Success  Defining what success means to you and the origins of your actions and what are the true laws of cosmos that create on going success beyond imaging.

5/3- Currency The operation of the sluices of an abundant life.

Upcoming Events and Classes

Living in Your Gaia Body   Weekly class starting June 6th. Keys to living in your Gaia Body through the powerful changes we are experiencing on every level.  You can join this on going class at any time. Participation is available in person in the Portland area. Via skype and mp3 globally.  $144/month.

Annique, Rain, Galan

Annique, Rain, Galan

September 13-15, 2013 –Special Intensive Retreat

at Koumbi Retreat Center- Rain, Annique and Galan  $540/person. This retreat will fill up quickly! Early registration is highly recommended!

Medicine Walk Radio   



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