Medicine Walk Cosmic News 4-14-2013

Cosmic Blasts of the Moment                                                                                                                    the news of NOW to you                                                                                                                            through                                                                                                                   Medicine Walk

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Our Blog has changed to a new current view with a synopsis of our week’s Radio Shows.

Annique, Rain, Galan

Annique, Rain, Galan

    • Practical alchemy- Medicine WalkSundays and Thursdays at 10:00 am PST. Quantum mysticism, cutting edge metaphysics, shamanism and today’s cosmic news 
    • Health and wellness The Fountain of Youth  Tuesdays+ 1:00 pm PST.  Live call in show!  Call in live number 714-409-0583 We share the secrets of eternal life
    • Finances and abundance –  Financial Freedom Fridays at 2:00 pm PST- Financial freedom for everyone willing to invest in self. Tools and Resources for an abundant existence.

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Get a daily dose of life beyond duality. We are coming out and sharing this moment’s insights with you daily from beyond duality in wholeness. If this moment’s insights resonates with you please share it with others.  Like us and share at

This week’s Radio Shows

Sunday Medicine Walk – Silence the Mind    Sunday magic is afoot as our hosts Rain, Annique and Galan challenge mind to catch up!  Ah but it can’t, it never could, it was not designed to. With 5 minutes of unexpected silence you are challenged and the mind is silenced. Communication is instantaneous as is understanding and response. There is no space and time between question and answer in Wholeness. Learn how now in the infinite moment. Beingness as a whole Being, growing into yourself. In a moment of discovery our masters redefine Medicine walk as the highest form of medicine for this existence. An Angel speaks a message, listen in to hear it.

Tuesday Fountain of Youth – The Dynamics of Cancer-Part 1    The ‘C word’ is very scary to many people. What can you do when you receive a diagnose even alluding to the possibility of cancer, as Annique did this week?  How can you use this information to empower yourself?  Annique, Rain and Galan share the alchemical equation that creates cancer in the body offering tools to recognizing the origins of your thoughts, emotions and actions so that you can gain the insights and understanding to release them and make empowering choices to reverse its course.  

Anthony Carl Jurak joins in with how Jurak Classic Whole Body Tonic can contribute to cleansing the body of toxins and reversing their effects.

Companions Show: The Alchemy of Cancer

Thursday Medicine Walk –The Call  Rain and Annique take you through the ancient shamanic technique of making a “Call”- a resonating desire of the heart called into manifestation. Upgraded with insights and understandings of the great cosmic changes this technique is even more dynamic and powerful.

Friday – Financial Freedom  – Taxes –  How much do you REALLY pay in taxes? And what are they?  Annique share eye opening information from one of our listeners, as Galan and Rain join in on actions you can take to empower yourself, your family and community.

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