The Power of Love

Annique in flight at the edge of the forest at The Beloved FestivalAn amazing week in the cosmos as the cosmic child sings in the news of cosmic love… “the moment is now”. Because of the inevitable side effects of this moment, whether you want it or not, change is here ! And it is affecting you and your world . This is a time of purification of “emptying the bucket”    This show is Raining with information as we introduce our new  series Financial Freedom; Cleansing what is it ? How good is your cleanse? Why are you cleansing? Trendy perhaps? Origin of Action is addressed as Rain, Annique and Galan take you on the journey of discovery with the Shamanism of Oneness, the highest form of shamanism, to bring you “Thru” with incredible insights and tools to live a beautiful life in this new Era.

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Intro: Zayra Yves Album: Crowned Compassion  Poem: The Language of Love

Outro: The Song of the Cosmic Child by the Cosmic Child

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