Financial Freedom



Today’s show is yet another unfolding flower of grace as we look into Financial Freedom in the new Era of Peace.  Aligning with the abundant cosmic flow of Infinite’s Intent. Health and Finances how does it look now?

Part One of our Gaia Mastery Series Living in the new Gaia Body, the most transformational class we’ve ever done as we ride the crest of the wave of through is available by signing up on our Contact page.  Classes are $144/month and vary in duration. They are available in person at our Center in the Portland area, via skype or mp3.

Medicine Walk airs live on Sundays at 10 am PST.  All our shows are archived and can be downloaded.

Intro: Hanacpachap cussicuinin is the first poliphony to be composed and published in a native language in the New World, Sung in Quechua by Lima Triumphante, Peruvian baroque choir and music ensemble, conducted by Jose Quezada Macchiavello in Lima, Peru.

God Archetype –He Who Promotes the Purity of Life

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