A Dynamic Way of Life

Special Offer:  Email dancingastherain@gmail.com with the correct answer to

Anthony Carl Jurak

Anthony Carl Jurak

Anthony’s question and receive a FREE bottle of Jurak Classic Whole Body Tonic fondly called JC Tonic (shipping not included* The question is: How many sleeping pills are used a year in the United States?

In this show Anthony Carl Jurak highlights what makes Jurak

Classic Whole Body Tonic so special (fondly known as JC Tonic) as Rain, Annique and Galan join in with pointed questions from our listeners.

These special qualities create JC Tonic’s high alchemy with its ability to accentuation and grow with the new dynamics of life. It can do no harm, has no negative build up one way or another and it is used by the body as needed like the Infinite flow.  

JC Tonic is part of the new DYNAMIC WAY OF LIFE as we apply the PRINCIPLES FOR EXISTENCE.  Join us next Tuesday at 1 pm PST as JC Tonic’s SECRET INGREDIENT is REVEALED.

Part One of our Gaia Mastery Series Living in the new Gaia Body, the most transformational class we’ve ever done as we ride the crest of the wave of through is available by signing up on our Contact page.  Classes are $144/month and vary in duration. They are available in person at our Center in the Portland area, via skype or mp3.

To find out more about JC Tonic or to order: click here

Tune in on Tuesdays at 1 pm PST to The Fountain of Youth featuring Anthony Carl Jurak live. You can call in 714-409-0583

Medicine Walk airs live on Sundays at 10 am PST.

*Shipping is $15.95

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