White Lion/White Buffalo Alliance

In a jammed packed show, Rain, Annique and Galan discuss the dynamics of the new territory of expression from the great cosmic shifts that are occurring.

Annique demonstrates how to experience the new emanations from the Earth, herself, showing that polarity has changed to pulsations. (this will be available as a utube video).  Also covered:

  • Working with the new Gaia Body  especially rejuvenation (for those ready for indepth exploration and practical tools sign up for our class) and tune into our new radio series The Fountain of Youth on Tuesdays 1pm PST)

Kari Noren Hoshal, Evolutionary Astrologer and Harriet McMahon, shaman in the Peruvian tradition, of the White Lion/White Buffalo Alliance join us to bring us news:

  • The latest progress of the sacred medicine bundles from the 4 Direction Ceremony held in Sedona in December.  Kari’s discovery of the 5th direction and what it means to the Alliance
  • The Birth of Noel Philae Spirit on Christmas Day 2012 at 11:11 am. Her natal chart done by Kari
  • Birth of a White Water Buffalo in South Africa near the White Lion sanctuary and what it has meant to the White Lions
  • The great cosmic ascension of last week is described in detail by Annique (experienced many oracles around the globe in what Rain calls the Inner Net).  And brought forth the Proclamations to Remove Ancient Hierarchies through Almine (you can download the Proclamations as well as see a video of Almine receiving them.
White Lion White Buffalo Alliance with Sacred Bundles

Harriet McMahon, Kari Noren Hoshal, Cynthia Hart-Button, Linda Tucker and Maurice Fernandez

Most important and urgent the efforts of the Alliance toward raising $500,000 for the purchase of lands for the sanctuary for the Sacred White Buffalo herd  which will open the pathway for major grant funding, public access to viewing the White Buffalo and the University.

  • Pendleton blankets made from the White Buffalo hair shed of 2012 which support the herd.  Personal ceremonial blankets sell for $425. Special Ambassador blankets with special details on them are available for $5000 for those who wish to make a major contribution or spearhead a major contribution (see article on gift to the Dali Lama) by gifting this special blanket to a spiritual leader or leader in peace among peoples of your choice.
  • The Sacred White Buffalo organization is now part of the global Council of the Indigenous Peoples which has access to expanded sources of funding.
  • Cynthia Hart-Button’s book about her journey becoming and as the protector and caretaker of the Sacred White Buffalo will be published this year with the assistance of the White Lions.
  • The film, White Buffalo, an American Prophecy will be completed this year for release.
  • Sacred Messengers, White Lions, White Buffalo and Spirit Bears, a coffee table book of creative contributions selected from entries in a global competition will be published later this year which will share profits from its sale between the White Lions, White Buffalo and Spirit Bears. You can send your creative offering (such as photos, poetry, sculpture, and paintings) to whitelionsbisonbear@gmail.com attention Mashell Steward
  • Major contributions toward purchase of the land for the Sacred White Buffalo are urgently needed and welcomed.

Part One of our Gaia Mastery Series Living in the new Gaia Body, the most transformational class we’ve ever done as we ride the crest of the wave of through is available by signing up on our Contact page.  Classes are $144/month and vary in duration. They are available in person at our Center in the Portland area, via skype or mp3.

Music: Rain singing Amazing Grace

Poetry courtesy of Zayra Yves:

  • Album Crowned Compassion Poem I am She

Sacred White Buffalo

Kari Noren-Hoshal

Harriet McMahon, Shaman

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