Response Ability

Rain, Annique and Galan show up in living color on our very first uTube episode of

Snip from a light moment of the video with laughter

Snip from a Light Moment

Medicine Walk Radio– now you will be able to listen and download our shows and view videos of important segments of them.

This show bursts with goodies- practical tools, insights and understandings to give you viable choices of Response Ability. The ability to respond within your new Gaia Body with Gaia herself through all things.

Covered in this show:

Silence of Mind and awakening abilities of listening to ourselves, the dynamics of our world and beyond.

Conversations we have with ourselves and others and their impact on us.  Be the Solution. Choice points. The origin of your actions.  Belief systems, identities (sticky notes, mandates and ‘laws’) and core shifts.

Taking control of the interpretation of your experiences and expression including inner and outer conversations, mind and emotions.  Adjusting the knobs. Working with gratitude, acknowledgment and agreements (Mr Depression)  More useful conversations.

Living in your Gaia Body.  Dealing with cravings and addictions.  Nutritional support including JC Tonic, apple cider vinegar and more healthy food choices.

How you use your resources and having funds for your Gaia body so you can ‘afford’ to live more healthfully

Respecting your Gaia body’s messages. Many medications are designed to simply cover up the signals from your body so that they aren’t so annoying, especially pain.  Realize that your body sends pain to pay attention so if you mask it or dull so you could do more harm.  It’s like your car needs oil so the red oil light comes on. And you go “Oh no I can’t bear it to look at that. It bothers me while I’m driving. So instead of putting oil in your car you cover up the message so you don’t have to see it.  Now you’re getting engine noises and smoke. The car is wearing out more because you aren’t paying attention and responding appropriately. So your car sends bigger and bigger messages til it totally breaks down, won’t move and you have to to listen.

Perceptions including self perception – how you look at yourself.  Finding your sweet spot. Undercurrents and overlays and the construction of limitations.  Truly being here in the presence.

For those of you working with the Ancient Ceremony of the Christmas to consecrate your life’s purpose, Rain shares new information of the upgrading of your purpose personal and planetary in this dynamic new Era we have entered.

Wow, there is a lot packed into this show.

Companion shows: What’s in your Bucket and Be the Solution

Carl and Anthony Jurak

Carl and Anthony Carl Jurak

In response to your response to our program with Anthony Carl Jurak- Pay it Forward, stay tuned for the announcement of our new segment with Anthony answering your questions about Jurak Classic Whole Body Tonic!

To learn and understand in more depth and beyond Living within the new Gaia Body by signing up on our Contact page.  Classes are The is $144/month and vary in duration. They are available in person at our Center in the Portland area, via skype or mp3.

Music courtesy:  Intro: Earth chant of Galan

Outro: Bliss: Song – Goodbye to All you Know

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