What’s your Imprint?

At the birth of the New Era, Rain, Annique and Galan ask: How are you walking on this planet?  What is your imprint?

In the words of Evo Morales, the President of Boliva, during his participation in a Indigenous Ceremony on 12-21-2012 in the midst of Lake Titicaca Morales told the crowd “The human community is in danger because of climatic reasons, which are related to the accumulation of wealth by some countries and social groups,” he told the crowd. “We need to change the belief that having more is living better.”

Bolivan President Evo Morales Lake Titicaca Ceremony 12-21-2012

Bolivan President Evo Morales Lake Titicaca Ceremony 12-21-2012

 Boliva is known for its passage of laws recognizing rights of our Mother Earth– “…the dynamic living system formed by the indivisible community of all life systems and living beings whom are interrelated, interdependent, and complementary, which share a common destiny.”

What are you leaving in your path?  Storms are intensifying as the Earth speaks louder to be heard over the din of human entitlement.  If you don’t like the results, do anything else. This show is bursting with practical Tools of Wholeness, insights and understandings. To listen, to contribute, to Be the Solution as we walk forth creating our New World together with Gaia.

Links from our show:

The life of Standing Bear

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2ndEdtitioncover-smClick on the links to purchase Rain’s book: The Ancient Wisdom of the 12 Days of Christmas: The Hidden Meaning Behind the Song on Amazon.  Available either in paperback or Kindle.  Ancient ceremony to consecrate your life’s purpose for the year.

Upcoming guest:  January 6th:

Carl and Anthony Jurak

Carl and Anthony Jurak

Anthony Carl Jurak is our featured guest.  Anthony is carrying on the legacy passed down from his father Carl, who developed a one-of-a-kind whole body herbal formula that has been relieving people of every imaginable health challenge since 1943.

An important part of what Anthony will talk about is how his father Carl developed this formula including how it was sold as KM for a number of years.

Music: Galan of Gaia’s Earth Chant courtesy of Galan

Outro: Hanacpachap cussicuinin is the first poliphony to be composed and published in a native language in the New World, Sung in Quechua by Lima Triumphante, Peruvian baroque choir and music ensemble, conducted by Jose Quezada Macchiavello in Lima, Peru.

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