Twin Flame

Your Twin Flame comes to you through the resonance of the Wholeness of your being

Annique and Galan

Annique and Galan of Gaia

singing your Song.   There is no thing missing to fill – no ‘better half’- the food of the dysfunctional in relationships. When we look outside ourselves for someone to fulfill us with expectations and duty there is no way any one can fill us.  For we are then a never ending vortex of neediness, not ever seeing the gifts within ourselves, we cannot see them in another, and we attract that which we are another needy person with expectations.

What brings our Twin Flame to us is the irresistible essence of our Fullness singing in the symphony of the One Life., where the flames join and ignite beyond imaging.

Annique and Galan share the journey that brought them together as they emptied their buckets with the willingness and determination to see it through.

We share our ‘morning cup of tears’, our great joy and gratitude as Annique, Galan and Rain share a myriad of practical tools to come into your resonance with the greatest and vibrancy of your being. Brilliant. Full in Resonance. Irresistible to your Twin Flame.

Majoie, Annique and Zayra

Joy, Annique and Zayra

Poetry courtesy of Zayra Yves

  • Album Crowned Compassion                                  Poem Let Us Speak the Language of Love





The 7 Liberal Arts: The basis of all you create in this reality


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