12-12-12 Mystical Journey-Sedona Special

Cynthia Hart-Button at the Ceremony of the 4 DirectionsMagic is afoot on soft paws and mighty hoofs as Rain, Annique and Galan take you on a mystical journey on 12-12-12. Fresh from our journey to Sedona for the White Lions/White Buffalo Benefit and the Ceremony of the 4 Directions with the Keepers of Mystical Rare White Animals the heralds of peace, hope, renewal and vision as the gates of the new dimensions open.

Join us as Linda Tucker shares the pivotal near death experience surrounded by a pride of lions which changed her life forever setting in motion the events that lead to her studying under Maria Khosa, a Sangaan shaman known as the Mother of Lions, the Lion Queen of Timbavati to become the caretaker of the Sacred White Lions.

She founded the White Lion Protection Trust in part supported by the White Lion Academy for revealing one’s life’s purpose- the Song of Self.  The White Buffalo and White Lions are now in alliance with the keepers of the sacred white animals of Peru and Hawaii in their work bringing forth the sacred gifts of these great harbingers to humanity.

The Keepers of the 5 Directions

Left to Right: Harriet McMahon: Shaman in Peruvian Tradition & Keeper of the Southern Bundle, Kari Noren-Hoshal: Evolutionary Astrologer and Founder Four Directions Ceremony, Cynthia Hart-Button: Keeper of the White Buffalo and the Northern Bundle, Linda Tucker: Keeper of the White Lions and the Eastern Bundle, Maurice Fernandez: Evolutionary Astrologer and Keeper of the Western Bundle

The eminent astrologer, Maurice Fernandez, delves into the significant extremely rare alignments of the births of the White Lions all born during eclipses, the White Buffalo and the massive cosmic changes of this time.

As the storms of karma magnify and intensify, Rain, Annique and Galan continue to bring  you practical tools to literally quell the storms before you to see you through.

Music courtesy of Ani Williams, harpist:

  • Album Shemah-The Calling Song Walking Through
  • The harp is most loved instrument of the Sacred White Buffalo

Poetry courtesy of Zayra Yves:

  • Album Crowned Compassion Poem Faded Hieroglyphs
  • Winner of the International Competition

White Lions

Maurice Fernandez

Sacred White Buffalo

Kari Noren-Hoshal

Harriet McMahon, Shaman

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