Be the Solution

As massive winds of change are coming with incredible force, bringing gales of karmic dust. Rain, Annique and Galan penetrate the fields of perception that are all around you.  The winds are bearers of the turmoil on the lands.  It is the centers of turmoil that get hit the hardest.  It is not what you go through that matters, it is how you go through it.

What is before you is what is within you.  End the turmoil within. Be the Solution. As you examine see the phantoms of the mind, the agendas of the heart.   This program is an indispensable rich treasure of information to see you through your relationships especially as a mate, partner and/or parent with abundant resonate contributions from Galan.

When the winds hit hard and your vision is full of splatter on your panes (pains), this is the perfect show to practically see you through.

Music courtesy: Charles Littleleaf   Song: Eagle Spirit Way

Image: Courtesy of Nasa Earth rising over the Moon from the Apollo 8 mission

Acknowledgement: Almine

  • Calendar of Oneness
  • Prediction of the Week
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