The New Era

Rain, Annique and Galan take you into the world of The New Era the essence in which  now we experience and express.The Earth from Space- A change of prespective

Feeling depression?  That you are fed up with the obsolete?  That you just can’t do the same things any longer?  As you watch the world continue to play the same old, same old?  What is the way out? We’re making the call, this is the last exit before the wall.  Events are quickening as the karmic dust arrives in massive waves and our manifestations are on hair triggers.

This show is filled to the brim with insights, understanding and tools including in-depth meditative processes for clearing your personal karmic debris and to recognize and empower the qualities within you to see you through.  Annique shares the incredible  Equation of Wholeness.

To end the storms and the turmoil without, end the turmoil within.

This is a great companion to our show The New Rules of Engagement.

Music courtesy: Jimmy Be Free: Songs:

  • Intro:Triangles
  • Mid show: Come out and Play

Outro: Written and performed by Solaira- the Cosmic Child

Image courtesy:  Nasa – Donald Williams, USA Astronaut (images clicks to url)

Acknowledgment: Almine

  • Calendar of Oneness
  • Prediction for the Week
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