Perception Matters

Filled to the brim and overflowing with Tools of Wholeness, in this episode Rain, Annique and Galan turn the vistas of perception showing you how to wield them masterfully.

Graffiti in a subway with the illusion of 3 dimensional stairs leading through a wallThat which is before you, lies within you. Be thankful whether you like what is happening or not. This is the gateway, It is the pivotal opportunity. Gratitude opens the slices of abundance around you to receive everything you need in the moment.

How you speaking? Are they throwaway words, carelessly cast from you?  Or alchemy crafted with great care?

Your words are self fulfilling prophecies in which you create what you expect.  Do you have background noise constantly playing rehearsing your  speech as others are talking?  A commentator on each and every thing you or others do?   Take control of the settings to change the volume, tones or turn it off altogether. Change your pictures and you will change your feelings.

Examine the origins of your actions. Follow the trail of your habitual impulses and reactions.  These are the breadcrumbs of inherited or ‘thrown’ worldviews from your parents, ancestors, friends, community. Ones who you considered mentors.  Once brought to the fore these perceptions can be changed much like a computer program that was still running beyond usefulness  Thank your subconscious for doing the tasks that you designed for it. Then promote it to listen silently to be able to  do upgrades for you.

Break old patterns bringing care into your world. The familiar routes that you travel. Give them an air of adventure. What is there you haven’t seen before? This day has its own special flavor. Nuances. What do you sniff in the air?  What discoveries await you?

You can make a special bath. Or not. What do you really smell like that tells you what is going on inside? Humm. That could reveal a lot.

It’s not what you go through, but how you go through it that matters. Be willing to read the messages that you leave yourself all around you.   For everything and everyone is gift from yourself to yourself.  Open these treasures in allowance to receive and apply your insights and understandings. When you do, as you change you affect the entire cosmos and you return the gifts without ending.

We recommend the following article in Scientific American as a companion article to this radio episode and blog.  Andrei Nacu‘s image with this article is a beautiful artistic representation of our topic.

Blurring the Boundary between Perception and Memory

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Acknowledgment: Almine

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  • Intro: Charles Button: Song: A Prayer Album: Tales of the White Buffalo produced for the Sacred World Peace Alliance to support the care of the Sacred White Buffalo
  • Outro: Jess Lee: Song: Standing on Sacred Ground
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