What’s in your Bucket?

Rain, Annique and Galan dive right into two huge issues this week, Love and Identity. These are the drivers of expectations and entitlement creating the weight of big buckets-the Burden Bucket and a Bucket List full of things- trying to bail yourself out or buy your way out. with trinkets and toys (the latest computer or a vacation in the sun) while the real gifts around you are unseen and untouched.

Annique with our llama, Hawk in the Forest of Koumbi

Mystic Vision

What if you explored the self you are as the greatest pivot point of all that is?  The central character shaping worlds and events around you.  Events are opportunities you created, for the greatest journey of all, of self discovery within.

When you’re not happy with circumstances, relationships, actions and results, be even with yourself.  What are the origins of your actions? Your words? What pulls at your heart with strings attached?   Empty your buckets of the spoilers of experience and expression.  It is duty?  Demands?  Neediness?  There is no one, no thing outside of you needed to complete you.

In the Silence of mind with gratitude allow the points of reference to surface. To gain insights. Surrender and release.  Only then can your bucket be filled with the essence of you in its fullness and vibrancy, resonating with the irresistible Song of your Wholeness.

This show is overflowing with a myriad of understanding, insights and tools of Wholeness as you walk with us on this magnificent journey

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Acknowledgement:  Almine

Music courtesy of CC White:

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One Response to What’s in your Bucket?

  1. Dhani says:

    I love listening to all three of you speaking from the heart. It melts away the residue of the matrices. Just love it!

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