Catapult from your Core

As the first of the great superstorms hit our shores in New York City, we delve deeper into the internal dynamics to the core.  “Resistance is futile” says the Borg.  Resistance is no longer necessary.  Release – surrendered trust will catapult you to the next level.

A complex network of luminous arcs and rings surrounded the afternoon sun

A complex network of luminous arcs and rings surrounded the afternoon sun. Image credit and copyright: David Hathaway/NASA/MSFC

Before the cosmic ascension of 2005-2006, we grew through opposition and opposites attracted in this dynamic of growth through struggle.  Lightworkers especially attracted relationships of great darkness to be the Wayshowers.  Even healthy diets and activities could attracts opposite effects and the continued need to purify and clear.

Now we grow through support, as like attracts like. However, we can still be operating under old patterns. Know that those who stand before you are a mirror of the inner self. Look at the origins of your actions, tracing them to the core.  To the very base circumstance or emanating emotion from which it springs.  When you can look with detachment and compassion, as a distant story in which you played with no attachment to it, all time between will collapse as this cord is released.

Cyn spoke of a powerful teachings of her father during our White Buffalo Halloween episode that pair well with this episode to further empower this understanding as a tool bringing momentum to propel you exponentially where omni-sensory perception becomes available.

The exquisite delights and vastness of omni-sensory perception avail you of eagle vision, chicken vision and dragon vision all at once… each a gift to savor. To taste with your eyes, smell with the skin and savor the delicious nuances of color with the tongue as the fields of the senses interact in a dance of adventure and rapture and the new worlds open before you.

Delve into the depths with us, to Catapult from your Core.

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Music courtesy of:  Jimmy Be Free

  • Intro: Quiet Mind
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