White Buffalo Halloween Special

Cynthia Button-Hart, caretaker and protector of the Sacred White Buffalo herd joins Rain, Annique and Galan as we all celebrate Halloween.

Halloween Rain and AnniqueCyn shares facts and glimpses into the lives, character and prophecies about the White Buffalo. Fitting the occasion the buffalo have feasted on pumpkin and squash, a favorite treat and wear orange grins. Arizona who loves to decorate himself, often with flowers, hay, or plants, sports a pumpkin on one horn.

Galan explains Samhain, the ancient Celtic ceremony of this time where the light recedes and the winter, time of darkness comes- the times of harvest. The times of rest. It is also the Sacred Space between the worlds of the living and dead. We each speak tonight of great gifts given from loved ones who have crossed over. During our recent 5 Day Women’s Intensive, Rain shares how she was visited by her mother’s spirit like a blanket of love laying over her, melting and merging into her. Cyn shares the great wisdom from her father who took the depth of meaning of St Augustine’s words, “He who judges only judges something that they lack within themselves.’ in very profound daily living. Annique shares great understanding of the fields of body, soul and spirit and going them.

This show is packed to the brim. Feel the power, perception and poignancy of our journey filled with tools and insights igniting the embers of your being to blaze forth with your gifts.

Join us in Sedona for The White Lions/White Buffalo Benefit Dec 8th- an HarmonicRain Annique and Cyn Convergence of great global significance in which many global leaders, shaman and healers will be attending-the White Dolphin, White Whales, White Raven- among others.  They will be sharing their stories, significant of the presence of these animals and their knowledge and the prophecies of the coming times in a time of coming together for great ceremony with our prayers for peace.

The film, The Prophecy of the White Buffalo will be premiered.

Sedona is known to be a major place for such ceremony and healing. Cyn was the keeper of one of the Wheels, living within it during which time she never left the Wheel and all her needs were brought to her until this task was taken on by the next generation.

Many people do not know that the great wheels, vortex of Sedona go through 10 years cycles in which they close and then open. The Vortex have been closed and will be reopened on December 8th. This is an incredible opportunity to be part of this momentous celebration and ceremony and support the Sacred White Buffalo.

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