Beyond the Matrix

In today’s show Rain, Annique and Galan take you into the experience of life beyond theTwo New Moons of 2012 matrix.  As the old  paradigms are disintegrating from the tsunami of change, what is life like in timelessness? In the present ever unfolding?

This show we push your boundaries  What you are you seeing but not believing?  There are pivotal points in which there are vast reality shifts in consciousness. When the matrix of existence is challenged by new dynamics beyond its static concepts, philosophies, science and religion.

The minds of the matrix will tell you if you go beyond the known into uncharted territories, you’d fall off the planet.  That the sun goes around the earth.  That things that you can’t see aren’t really there- Umm, doesn’t that include oxygen?

The effects of the pride and prejudice of vested interests and mind sets, are only phantoms of systems of control where anything out of the ‘norm’ is dissed.  Look around you. The feeling in your heart.  Your knowing.  Predictability isn’t working for a frigin’ person on the planet, get over it.   It keeps you smashing into glass doors-accidents, disease, drama, after drama after drama.

Frankenstorms are hitting shores. These superstorms are created by man. By the consciousness and actions of systems out of control. Literally, resistance is futile and but fuels the storms and drama created within them.  Fear is but dwelling on dreams in helplessness.

The holodeck we’re on is fritzing, showing the real.  Pay attention and don’t discount what you are seeing. Our photo for this episode of the two moons which are most easy to see on new moons.

Still the mind and life will reveal itself. Even in the most dire of circumstances, life is an adventure. The road blocks, detours, ‘misfortunes’ are there as opportunities to look beyond the substance and resources we have relied on and open to all possibilities.  This is a journey of discovery. The experiences of a world waiting for us for our allowance to be recognized as here and be fully received.  We give you incredible insights and tools to use along the way as you come to join us Beyond the Matrix as well as for those of you who have already joined in Wholeness.

Included in this episode: The alchemical equation for those already in Wholeness from the Tools of Wholeness coming through the Center of Enlightenment

Recommended: Pair this episode with The New Rules of Engagement

Qi Vesta I and Qi Vesta II  

as we guide you through this powerful t tool of manifestation which replaces the Tarot that came through Almine.

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Rain, Annique and Galan dressed for Halloween 2012

Join us for our special episode on Halloween with Grandmother’s Lodge, with Grandmother Whitedeer and her amazing gifts. Along with Cynthia Button-Hart, keeper and protector of the Sacred White Buffalo.

Below some links to info referred to during our show:

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  1. Hello from across the ocean! This is just what I was expecting, and you wrote it well. Thanks very much

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