The Inspired Perspective

Rain, Annique and Galan take you through experiencing waves of change as opportunities to rise above the story and emotions to live from an Inspired Perspective.

Koumbi Retreat CenterWe work further with the Calendar of Oneness. Following our last episode we go deeper into last week’s tones, understanding and unfoldment as we share this week’s prediction and Sunday’s tone, assisting you to work with this powerful tool

We get down to the nitty gritty. What you hold on to the most, will challenge you the most. Is your perspective of events useful?  Or are emotions, with their attachments, simply being replayed in a story over and over?  Producing Pain. Guilt. Fear. Irritation.

Why is the least useful question. It is an invitation to the mind to come up with a reason. It will, create reasons as self fulfilling prophecies.  Life is beyond definition. The mind has not the capacity to fulfill such a task.

In Silence of Mind listen. All around there are communications that will assist you. In shamanic walk all life speaks. Both nature, people and the events of life.

Listen to your dreams and let your day and your night shift work together. The Language of the Worlds is a powerful class we teach to assist in developing communication with your dreams, in part through poetry. Here are some from Rain:

Fast dream messengers fly
Thru marshmallow daze

We don’t expect our dreams to be scripted like our days.

The patterns of the world are not stagnant fields
Nor are the characters which play upon it

History can be changed as the filters of the day are.
The more (of us) that know this. The more that we actually change life itself.

Most of all remember that you are an incredible luminous being. Love who you are and be it truly. Sing your song with gusto in the symphony of the One Life.


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