Seeds of Hope

For those who love to surf the waves of change here is your chance to ride through on the next killer prickly wave of the moment with us igniting your new Song of Self while sowing Seeds of Hope. Ride with us on this epic journey as we share illuminating discoveries, insights and tools with poignancy, tears and laughter along the way.

Here are a couple of the tools which we recommend:

Shield of the Sacred WhiteBuffalo

Sigils of Power (the ancient writing accompanied by the art behind it) can be created to influence any aspect of your life that you desire, providing the circuity to clear the path for its manifestation.

Our experience using these ourselves, is that each Sigil of Power is a proxy for all life and can be shared with others for profound experiences and healing.

We gifted a Sigil of Power to the Sacred White Buffalo to provide the buffalo with everything that they need-  homeland, substance and protection.  We are thrilled to share with you the shield made by the Cynthia Button-Hart, their caretaker and protector, using this powerful tool.  You’ll be able to obtain this shield through the Sacred World Peace Alliance in products currently being designed to help sustain the herd.

The banner on this blog is the Sigil of Power for Medicine Walk- which is all aspects of the spiritual practicum of our lives through which we are empowered and empower others to live their Divine Design.

These Sigils of Power are produced by the seer, Almine for $75. To order:

. Please keep the description of what you desire to 10 words or less. Allow 6-8 weeks for delivery.

The Calendar of Oneness

You’ve heard about this calendar on our program. The actual calendar comes with sigils and names for the Tone of the Day and the Angel of the Day which come through Almine. It is designed for a life of no opposites; existence beyond duality; spontaneously unfolding.  The calendar is $20/month or $200 for the year. Click here for more information and ordering.

As you heard on the air we will be attending the rare White Buffalo/White Lion Benefit in Sedona the week of December 8th, 2012. Click here for the event details and contact info. We would love to see you there for this very special occasion.


Music courtesy of:

Within our show: Charles Button song: “Song of the Standing Bare Bolero” from his album: Tales of the White Buffalo available for purchase to support the Sacred White Buffalo herd.

Outro: Jess Lee song: “Sparrow” from his album Still Standing on Sacred Ground.

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