The Tsunami of Change

Tsunami waveIn this Sunday’s show, The Tsunami of Change, Rain, Annique and Galan will once again take you in the direction of “Thru” with incredible insights and tools of practical application to live a life of Oneness.  Great movements are afoot in the cosmos. Heralded on this planet by changes in weather patterns, shifts in the magnetic poles, and other large man made and natural events of a global scale affecting all life. Change is not an option. It is inevitable.

This is not a time to dally nor discount this information. If you look at things differently you will not fail to see it yourself. You can ignore the signs, but the tsunami doesn’t care. It will hit you. It is your choice to listen. To take heed. To prepare.

This week we discuss obstacles to being one with the change, watching the magic begin. Fear is your greatest obstacle. The mind is the weakest of all facilities. It has been given a job beyond its capacity. Information can be accessed as needed in the moment. It requires Silence of Mind, honing the abilities to listen and receive.

There are 5 main ways that the mind will attempt to discount the information to maintain its control.

  1. I know it all. This is the person who has gone to many retreats, seminars, workshops and classes. They have garnered a lot of information and applied little if any of it to their lives. What they have now is a depository of categorization and labeling for everything to fit into it. Whatever you say the mind finds a box for and says “I heard that before.” therefore you already “know” it. But knowing isn’t reading something on a page. It takes application and experience. This ‘know it all’ is really warding away the information using it like garlic on a vampire. It is ‘no-ing’ it all’ No. No. No. “No it all”
  1. I have it all. This person has many possessions. Houses. Cars. Maybe a business. They have ‘position’ and ‘status’ in their mind. They are a ‘success’ in terms of their social or other peer group. Therefore, who are you to tell them anything any of value? What do ‘you’ have? They walk around with an air of ‘disdain’ unless if you have what they ‘think’ you should have to be worthy of listening to. A tsunami doesn’t care about your house and car. Those leather seats will not protect you. That job may not and probably won’t even exist. And further it will leave you without the skills you need to go through these changes.
  1. I am it all. Both Annique and Rain have a lot of certifications. Annique in many healing arts including Reiki and ReConnection. She lived among the Mayan people and studied to become a Curandera. Rain has a Masters in NLP. Having a wall full of certificates can give a person an identity that they are highly attached to, by which they are known. It also can be their means of income. People can have a hard time letting go of something that they spent a great deal of money on to obtain their certificates and/or licenses and are getting income doing. The tsunami doesn’t care about your certificates. They literally are ineffective in this circumstance. You can find yourself on the beach without the resources you need to help yourself or anyone else simply because you will not allow yourself to move on.As the Wayshowers for humanity, we created avenues for this information to come in because we are paving the way for the new world. When resources become obsolete, the Infinite provides us with new ones. Belvaspata, Healing of the Heart, is the gift of the Mother Goddess to replace healing modalities that became obsolete during the cosmic shift of 2006.
  1. I need it all. When we finally find the information that we have been seeking, we can be like a dry sponge. So eager to learn as much as we can as fast as we can. To make up time. To ‘get it’ all. You are in perfection. Perfect timing. You will have what you need when you need it. Yes, study and apply. Immerse yourself in it. Others have been on the path and have information and application for you. You can do a lot on your own. You aren’t entitled to others time and resources simply because this is spiritual teachings and should be free. The fact is the best of the best is free. On the net. On radio. From so many resources. But you have to silence the demands of your mind to get it. It’s up to you.
  1. I don’t get any of it. I’m confused. This is but the helpless fake feminine, needy one. Silence of mind is the answer to this. Once the mind is quiet, you’ll be able to truly receive and get it. There will no longer be an need for this kind of attention, as you will be full. Being in appreciation and gratitude for what you already have is also key. It will open the sluices for you as what has been happening is a discounting of what is before you. Once you start to notice and value what you have you will realize how abundant your life already is. Then you truly have allowance. That allowance is the breathing room for manifestation.

This show is filled with poignant and abundant insights that will astound you. We are on full on warning of Tsunami of Change. It’s your time to come on line. If you don’t you’re heading for a crash course.

Annique hits you with a wake up stick and Rain drizzles down with her sage tongue of alchemical cures, as tools for your ability to respond -the true meaning of responsibility. Galan astounds you with his visions. We invite you to join us on this live show in the infinite moment of full expression.

Music in today’s show :
Intro: Charles Button album: Tale of the White Buffalo song name: A prayer
Mid-show: Jimmy Be Free album: Where Saints & Angels Tread
Outro: Jess Lee: song name: Standing on sacred ground
Image courtesy of bplanet


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