Keep the Change

Rain on the Earth and Annique of Gaia welcome Galan of Gaia as their surprise guest and new co-host on Medicine Walk radio. The dynamic duo becomes an alchemical triad for manifestation on the cutting edge of cosmic change. While we act in concert together fluidly, each of us brings our unique forte, contribution to the table. Galan will be bringing information on permaculture and sovereignty into our mix. “Let’s get meta physical”. And his experiences on the path from aphid to god.

Galan continues sharing from the recent Men’s Retreat at Almine‘s, the dynamics of the wounded feminine within the masculine and overcoming traumas and bringing forth the true feminine- the ability to receive. He is calling the men to join him in further exploration and sharing.

We shared water blessing ceremonies and walking with Gratitude including collecting/creating Grandmother Full Moon waters. More information is available on the Sisterhood of the Planetary Water Rites, a global networking organization dedicated to the blessing and healing of the planets waters and water systems.

Signpost at the crossroads of Same and ChangeParticipating in Ceremonies and Retreats is very powerful and people spend a lot of time, energy and money to attend these Often they come home and throw their change in jar or drawer. This action is but a symbol of what they are doing with all that they experienced during these events, lightly discarding the change. This show is dedicated to how to “Keep the Change” and apply it in your life. Understanding your internal dynamics, emptying the bucket and instant manifestation.

Annique shares a poignant story as an powerful example of receiving ‘a gift from the self’

Rain shared her response to an email from a listener who questioned the gifting of a Sacred White Buffalo blanket to the Dali Lama. You can read it here.

Listen to this powerful, ‘how to show’ as incredible insights mixed with tools for their application and practical use in daily life abound. You are the source of all you experience. Let it be a journey of self discovery, of insights and empowerment. As you experience breakthroughs and realizations, apply them. “Keep the Change”.

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles

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