Birth-The Power of Your Words

This week’s episode of our Medicine Walk radio show finds us huddled around a table In the waiting room of a hospital while we await the arrival of Annique and Galan’s first grandchild with Auntie Rain by their side. With a recorder in our midst we prerecord this show in subdued voices in the wee hours as Annique’s oldest daughter, Jasha is in labor. Strong winds howl outside, heralding the entrance of a powerful being of change into our world.

Born in a Mayan village in Guatemala, Jasha was a veiled baby with spiral markings on her crown. Considered the omen of a highly evolved spiritually being, many of the local Mayan people came to pay their respects at her birth. We open the show with the Sound Elixir for the baby which was brought through Almine, followed by its translation.

Continuing on the threads of our last programs, The Tsunami of Change and Keep the Change, we elaborate further. Going deeper into the Power of your Words and Manifestation, fitting tributes to the birthing happening as we speak.

The winds of change are getting stronger, carrying away everything we have known. How are you using your words?

Your words are self fulfilling prophecies What you speak is what you are creating in your world. Your intentions create ripples both within you and without to fulfill them. If you don’t like the results you are experiencing in your world, change your intention.
Watch your words. Are you discounting yours own experiences or others? That dark cloud of discountenance, reflects back to you, not ‘on’ others.

Change your perception and you will change your countenance. Just like changing the lighting and music on movie track, the feeling is totally different and so are the outcomes.

Do you get ‘pumped up’ by workshops and seminars? Only to go right back into the same old world and job that you left, applying none of it, sucked back into the treadmill. Earning enough funds to go back again to yet another training and do it all over again. Again. And again. It’s not the material at fault. If don’t apply it, no thing will work. No one is losing out but you. Apply the work. Keep the Change.

So what are your values? Where do you put your money? On trinkets- computers, phones, cameras. We have these things. They are useful, but we know that they get outmoded very fast. In the Tsunami of Change, they can be totally useless. Awakening your gifts, applying yourself so that your gifts come on line, is the most valuable thing you can do to see you through all things, anywhere. As you sing your song, life rushes to support you. You are priceless. Treat yourself and your trainings as priceless.

We have greatly valued our spiritual training, stretching when needed to afford our classes. Going in deeply and applying everything that we learned. We grew to be able to trade and work side by side with our teachers to learn even more.

Now the Center of Enlightenment stands as a living practicum in the core of cosmic change. A place of sovereignty and mastery, we are demonstrations of this work in action. We are totally immersed in our spiritual work. That is what we do. All that we. And we have a life beyond imaging! We share this work with you, on our radio shows, blogs, in our workshops and classes (available in person, Skype, email and mp3), intensive retreats, bootcamps, apprenticeships. We have products that we have and are developing to assist you in your work.

With Galan on board we are working to establish our permaculture systems which we will be sharing about on our blogs and websites and on our radio programs. These systems take more initially to put in place, but once created, ‘the circle of life’ of nature takes over so that they do not have to be maintained. And substance can on goingly be harvested for sovereignty.

You can study this work on your own. There is a lot here that you can take on and use. And/or you can jump in with us. We are available. 

Our work here is to bring more Original Ones on line. We can and are riding the waves of change. It is very different from the middle of the ocean of Oneness, where the waves are more gentle. If you’re accessing our material, it’s your time. You don’t need to be overwhelmed by the Tsunami of Change. The resources are here. They are available to you. Take it on. Be the Change. And we’ll catch the waves together.

For more amazing insights and empowering tools listen to Birth-The Power of Your Words

Birth Announcement: The sex of the child was kept a surprise to all but the baby’s father. Their daughter, Shiva was born at 3:20 am October 7th.

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