Jess Lee- Breaking the bans to Freedom

Join Rain on the Earth and Annique of Gaia on Medicine Walk radio as Jess Lee shares his song, Standing on Sacred Ground, which was banned on Canadian radio shows.

Excitement abounds with a full studio filled with guests at Koumbi Retreat Center. Annique and Rain completed teaching a 5 Day Women’s Intensive Friday evening with a Seed Dance. Fresh from the Men’s Shamanic Retreat with Almine, some of the men arrived at our Center, including Jess Lee, our guest, who shares about his spiritual journey and his music. We discuss the Song of Self and awakening your gifts.

“Concourse of the Ancient Ones in full flight

Dropping presence to eager hands

Unwrapping their own gifts as they land”

Rain on the Earth

“Standing on Sacred Ground” is heard around the world. Let Freedom Sing!

Jess Lee is an esteemed award winning country music artist from Canada. Signed by RCA as lead singer of the Midnite Rodeo Band he has achieved BCCMA Male Vocalist of the year and Album of the Year. Five of his songs hit Canadian charts including the 1# hit “Crowhill Road”. He spent several years as songwriter in Nashville. In the 90′ Jess started to write songs from his native roots. When he shared his work on Canadian radio, there were mixed reactions. Kudos for finally speaking about the native perspective of events and criticism for ‘stirring up the natives’. Consequentially Jess’s song was banned from Canadian radio stations.

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